An alternative Start menu for apps and files


  • You can import links from the standard Start menu and Quick Launch bar
  • Support for keyboard shotcuts
  • Multi-Launch group to open multiple apps at the same time


  • Not many new features in comparison to the Start menu


The standard Start menu in Windows XP is not the best app menu around. In fact, it tends to get so crowded it ends up being completely useless.

Appetizer is an attractive, useful alternative Start menu for your favorite programs and most frequently used documents. It features a skinable interface where you can drag and drop links to any application or folder on your system, organizing them into groups if necessary. Then, press the program's customizable keyboard shortcut to hide the menu and bring it again to front every time you need to use it.

Appetizer is simple in its usage and design, but goes straight to the point. You can add links to any program or folder, including special system items such as My Computer or the Control Panel. What's more, you can directly import shortcuts from the Windows Start menu or the Quick Launch bar to make it even easier for you. Another special tool in Appetizer is the Multi-Launch group, which enables you to open several apps and folders simultaneously.

Though it doesn't really add many new functions to the Start menu, Appetizer is still a very eye-catching alternative menu for your favorite apps and folders.




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